The Mo'Bluz Band - Keepin' the LIFE in live music.

"Keepin' the LIFE in live music."

    David Trueblood

    Drummer, vocals and backup vocals

    David Trueblood

David Trueblood was born in Lafayette, Indiana in June. He brings sunshine to his family and friends like a walking summer day. He tells us, "I received my first real set of drums at Christmas when I was 12. My mom hid them around the house & I had to solve clues to find them. I set them up like the ones I saw on TV. Now, my favorite music show at that time was The Monkees. I didn't know until later that Micky played left-handed! I had set them up for left hand playing and that's how I started. When my Mother enrolled me in a music class, I learned that I was right hand dominate.

"The first song I learned was "Green Grass of Home" by Jim Reeves. Our record players speaker was blown so I would listen to the music coming from the needle and then play the song on my drums. I learned the drum solo from Iron Butterfly's "In A Gadda Da Vida" the same way."

"I started out playing drums at basketball games and in school competitions with the school jazz band. I played a little while I was stationed in Hawaii with the army. When I moved to Texas, I brought what drums survived the wait from my tour. I bought the rest from pawn shops to complete my set."

David Trueblood "I was involved with several heavy rock and classic bands in the 80's. I toured most of the central Texas area. In 1986 I started to run sound for a local singer, Mary Jo Pierce and her Precious Few. That opened the world of country music for me."

"I've been a sound tech for major and local acts. The most memorable artist I opened for is George Ducas, he treated us like we were special. I was with the Outlaws from 1988 to 1992. Bobby Joe Mosley was my best local influence and one of my best friends. After that I joined Diamondback for several years."

"I started a few projects, like Christine Black and the Renegades, Octane 420, Santa Fe and The Renegades. Out of two of those projects I am fortunate to have been with great musicians and we have over twenty songs registered in The Library of Congress."

"In 2010 I met a musician hosting an open mic at a local club. Little did I know that would open up a new chapter in my life. His name is Dennis Hoffman and he fronts the band Mo' Bluz. I now have the freedom and opportunity to combine my past experiences with Motown, blues, rock (heavy and classic), country, Latin and funk. These influences gave me the tools I need to move forward in the blues style that we are creating. We call it "TEXAS BLUE DIRT"."

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