The Mo'Bluz Band - Keepin' the LIFE in live music.

"Keepin' the LIFE in live music."

    Dennis (Mo' Bluz) Hoffman

    Lead, Rythym & Bass Guitar, Lead & Backup Vocals, Songwriter

    Dennis (Mo' Bluz) Hoffman, song writer, vocals, lead guitar

Dennis (Mo' Bluz) Hoffman was born in 1950 in Greenville, Michigan to a family of five. His dad was a concert trombonist. His mother and all her family were old time country and bluegrass. Her family gathered to play and sing on weekends and his mother also directed the church choir. That was where he started singing. "I grew up with music. My mother taught me to play her guitar when I was ten."

When he was 14 he recieved his first electric guitar. By summer he was putting together his first band. "We went on stage with Johnny Shattuck at the old Continental Bar for our first time in 1965." After that they played at dances and participated in Battle of the Bands locally for the next three years. "One day Bobby Cooper asked me if I knew how to play bass. " He didn't, but Dennis learned how, and played bass for 25 years.

Dennis hit a spot where the bass didn't satisfy him any more. He sold all his equipment and got a Stratocaster. He started building up his guitar skills again. Playing solo around the area and in Florida, he brought his abilities back up to speed. It's there he started writing and performing his original blues. Over the years between 2002 and now, the blues tunes just seem to keep coming.

Dennis (Mo Bluz) Hoffman - Lead, Rythym & Bass Guitar, Lead & Backup Vocals, SongwriterDennis moved to Texas, because Austin is the heart of the music. He met the current members of the Mo'Bluz Band there. With David Trueblood and Vanessa Valentine, the band is "keeping the "life" in live music."

Dennis (Mo Bluz) and the Mo'Bluz Band put it all out there for you when they play, and keep not just the life, but the fun, in their performances. Dennis' original blues songs are the base for every performance. They aren't just from his heart, but from the blues we have all lived - he just sings and plays it for us! When Dennis told me, "There's nothing to replace the feeling between a crowd and band on a hot night. You're all making the music together. No juke box can ever replace that", he stated a truth.

Influences: Early: John Mayal, Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmoor and Long John Baldry. Later: Hendrix, Robin Trower, and the classic blues players, BB King, Muddy Waters, Luther Allison and all the rest.

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Dennis (Mo Bluz) Hoffman - Founder of the Mo'Bluz Band

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