The Mo'Bluz Band - Keepin' the LIFE in live music.

"Keepin' the LIFE in live music."

 the Mo'Bluz Band

History of the Mo'Bluz Band

Like any other band, this one started out as an idea. Dennis was talking with a friend one day, who said, "I hear yo' writin' music now. What kinda stuff are yo' writin'?"

Dennis answered, "Blues man. I had a lot of different influences in my music, but blues is what I'm writin'".

His friend quipped, " Tha's jus' what we need, mo' blues!"

The phrase struck a chord in Dennis. He grinned and told his friend, " Thanks, man! You just named the band."

Dennis (Mo Bluz) HoffmanWith years of experience playing solo and in other bands doing cover tunes, Dennis (Mo Bluz) Hoffman reached the point where he wanted to perform the music he wrote and enjoyed - Blues and R & B. Loving what you do means putting yourself into it.

From idea to name to reality takes time and commitment. The Mo'Bluz Band became a reality in 2008 when Dennis started the band to showcase his original music. (read Dennis Hoffman's Bio)

"The Mo'Bluz Band" started as a duo with Dennis on vocals and guitar. Chris Bergeron, a bass player, filled the bottom end. Not long after they started filling bookings, the drummer, Ed Fish, joined them. Ed's voice and humor kept things lively. The three piece group played area venues and events. Then life changed up on Dennis. He moved to Arkansas and then on to Texas.

The opportunity to record came up that first summer. With the band, and some friends, "Every Hue of Blue", the first CD of Dennis' music, was created. It's only ten of the many songs Dennis has written, but it tells a story in blues. You can listen on the music page. It was released in November 0f '08.

When I first met the band they were sharing their equipment for performers at a charity benefit for a friend of Dennis' in Michigan. He and the band continue to support their local organizations by sharing their music for the good of others in Texas. They have played the Mike Donaho Benefit in Corsicana, the Armed Forces Day Rally for Legion Riders 573, and many more. The Mo'Bluz Band gives back to their community.

Ron Snider started it off in Texas by becoming the drummer for Dennis, but his life was too full to cover everything he was doing and he had to drop back to best friend and cheerleader. Charlie Stavro on bass and Yvonne Hoffchen on drums kept the music live for the band with Dennis until life changes and choices moved them on to other things.

Ron Snider, Charlie Stavro, and Yvonne Hoffchen
Ron Snider Yvonne Hoffchen

As a dream becoming reality, the MoBluz Band will always be evolving. Now, David Trueblood and Vanessa Valentine are teaming up with Dennis to be one of the best little blues bands in Texas.

The "Texas Blue Dirt" style, created by David, Vanessa and Dennis, let's them flex their musical talents with a versatile song line up. Each a talented individual, they strive to meld their skills to bring out the best in every tune they play. The combination of musical talent and genuine friendship between the members of this group produces a spirit of unity in their music and a camaraderie between members rarely seen these days.

David Trueblood Dennis (Mo' Bluz) Hoffman Vanessa Valentine
David Trueblood, Dennis (Mo Bluz) Hoffman, and Vanessa Valentine - The Mo'Bluz Band

Current guest members and performers for the Mo'Bluz Band include: John Wick - rhythm and lead guitar, Che' Schaeffer - rhythm guitar, and Charlie Stavro - bass and vocals.

John Wick - rhythm and lead guitar Che' Schaeffer - rhythm guitar Charlie Stavro - bass and vocals

The Mo'Bluz Band is located in the Temple, TX area. They are "Keepin' the LIFE in live music"! Get more information on booking the band or e-mail your questions.

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The CD, "Every Hue of Blue" or individual cuts are available online.

Every Hue of Blue, CD by Mo'Bluz & Friends

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