The Mo'Bluz Band - Keepin' the LIFE in live music.

"...Keepin' the LIFE in live music."

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1. Ain't Goin' Nowhere

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2. What's Up, Baby?

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3. Baby, That Ain't the Way

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4. Stayed So Long

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5. Walking That Blues Road

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6. You Can't Hide From the Blues

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7. Here Come the Blues

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8. Just Wanna Know

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9. Blues Come Around

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10. Every Hue of Blue

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11. Goin' Home
(Mo Bluz - Porch Picking)

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CD by Mo' Bluz & Friends - "Every Hue of Blue"

Every Hue of Blue

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With years of experience playing solo and in other bands doing cover tunes, Dennis Hoffman reached the point where he wanted to perform the music he wrote and enjoyed - Blues and R & B. The band became a reality in 2008 when Dennis decided it was time to stop imitating juke boxes and go for it! The original Mo'Bluz Band began in Michigan.

The opportunity to record came up that summer. With the band, and some friends, "Every Hue of Blue" was created. It's only ten of the many songs Dennis has written, but it tells a story in blues.

Life and family moved him to Texas, where he put new life into the band. Now, the Mo'Bluz Band has David Trueblood on drums and vocals, joined by Vanessa Valentine on bass and vocals. They provide a strong bottom for the lead guitar and singing Dennis brings to the team. They are working on a new CD and as soon as it's ready, you will find it here, too.

Catch a show and find out why they are a band in demand around their local area.


Mo'Bluz Band


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The Mo'Bluz Band

The Mo'Bluz Band

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